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Deer Velvetting SeasonDeer Velvetting Season

The velvetting season is due to kick off very soon and for those farmers qualified to velvet their own herds, it is a timely reminder to organise a supervisory vet visit for the supply of velvetting drugs for the upcoming season.

Vet Services Wairarapa would like to introduce Dr Urthe Engel, BVSc who has joined us from Marlborough earlier this year. Urthe is a fully NVSB accredited Supervisory Vet who has been facilitating the Tasman/Marlborough Advance Party for several years until November 2018, prior to moving north. She is happy to discuss your deer farming needs and can set up new supervisory contracts, provide training for NVSB accreditation for velvetting, as well as the annual reaccreditation supervisory visits.

Please contact the clinic with inquiries. Telephone 06 378 2662.

Seresto Dog Flea Collar

Seresto Dog Flea Collar

So it is that time again when flea season is about to rear its ugly head again. We are offering $10 off Seresto Flea Collars in clinic during September and October 2019.
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How to Apply a Hock Bandage to Your Horse

Vet Services Wairarapa vet Louisa runs through how to apply a hock bandage.
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Rabbit Ralicivirus

Rabbit Ralicivirus

Rabbit calicivirus (also known as rabbit haemorrhagic disease or RCD) was introduced into New Zealand in 1997 illegally by farmers in a bid to reduce the wild rabbit population. In the following 20 years, the wild population has developed increased
immunity to this strain of the virus and so wild rabbit numbers increased dramatically again.
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Podgy Pooches & Curvaceous Cats

Every pet has an ideal weight but unfortunately almost 50% of animals coming into the clinic are overweight. This problem can be difficult to manage and is often overlooked, despite the well-known health risks including diabetes mellitus, arthritis, cancer and respiratory and heart disease.
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What's the story with Toxoplasma abortions after Toxovax?

This year we have had a number of farmers bring up the idea that Toxovax isn't working, or that there is a "new strain" of toxoplasmosis that the vaccine doesnât protect against.
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Rearing Orphan Lambs Best Practice

This R&D brief (by On-Farm Research, supported by Beef + Lamb New Zealand and AGMARDT) outlines best practice for rearing orphan lambs, based on three years of trials raising 500 lambs.
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Drench Resistance

What do you do when the drenches stop working?
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Condition Scoring of Beef Cattle (CS)

Condition scoring of beef cattle (CS) can be used as an aid to optimise stock performance and feed planning. It is a quick and inexpensive stock monitoring tool.
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Ewe Body Condition Scoring (BCS)

Condition scoring is a quick and easy low cost management tool to increase ewe productivity and flock profitability.
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