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How to Apply a Hock Bandage to Your Horse

Louisa Broughton BVSc GPCert(EqP) from Vet Services Wairarapa ( runs through how to apply a hock bandage.


  1. Activate wound dressing (excellent for dirty wounds, big surface area and flexible to apply,
  2. Soffban / Roltasoft x 2. I find the 15cm particularly useful for over the hock or carpus wounds.
  3. Cotton wool. Unravel to remove paper first if needed. I find cotton wool a lot easier to prevent bunching than gamgee.
  4. Crepe bandages x 2, mild tension. Once again 15cm easy. You can reuse these; if you need to wash them they only last one wash before they lose their stretch sufficiently to use for over joints.
  5. Vetrap/ cohesive dressing x 2, moderate tension except for right at the bottom and over the hock where needs less tension.
  6. Elastoplast x1. Low tension, overlap above and below bandage to stick to hair.

Published Wednesday 20th of February 2019

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