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IAMs for Cats & Dogs

Premium pet foods such as Iams, have a guaranteed fixed nutritional formula, assuring you of a high quality diet in every bag. Many supermarket foods have a typical nutritional formula, meaning ingredients can vary depending on availability. Pets don’t like change in their diets, which may lead to digestive upsets or fussy eaters.

Cats stomachs are very small – around the size of a walnut. Iams cat foods use only animal protein sources which are highly digestible and concentrated, helping your cat get the best nutrition each day.

Iams cat foods also contain a balanced ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids that gives skin and coat a lustrous shine, and their Daily Dental Care reduces tartar build up by up to 43%.

Iams is also very affordable to feed – costing around 82 cents per day to feed a 4kg cat.


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