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We at Vet Services Wairarapa are passionate about Dairying. We work closely with our farmers to help them maximise their efficiency and profits.

We offer many herd health services such as mastitis control, fertility management including scanning, teat sealing, nitrate testing, nutritional management programmes, facial eczema spore counts, lameness investigations, parasite control management.

We  also advise our clients on different vaccination programmes including Leptospirosis, B.V.D., Salmonella, Clostridia (Black leg)  and Rotavirus. 

Calves are an important part of the dairy industry. We regularly help our farmers manage their calf health plans to ensure the best growth rates are achieved.

We provide a fantastic surgical service including:

  • Dehorning
  • Left and right displaced abomasum surgery (twisted gut)
  • Caesarean sections.
  • Cancer Eye Surgery  
  • Claw amputation  
  • Calf hernias


As well as providing heard health programmes the team continues to provide “fire brigade “ services such as stitch ups, prolapsed calf beds, calvings, milk fevers, grass tetany, bloat treatment, nitrate poisonings.


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