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The Equine team at Vet Services Wairarapa are an enthusiastic and friendly team ready and available to help you with all your horse, pony and donkey needs.

Masterton Clinic & Mobile Service

Based out of the Masterton Clinic on Lincoln Road (the old Masterton Medical building), they provide a mobile service to the whole Wairarapa. There is also a dedicated Equine Centre on site at the clinic, providing stocks and day boxes to enable dental, reproductive and lameness exams.

New Zealand Equine Vets AssociationThe core Equine team consists of Louisa Broughton BVSc GPCert (EqP) and Sanneke Neal. Many of the other vets in the clinic have a lot of equine skills and so we are able to offer a well rounded and reliable service. See meet the team for more information on the vets.

Services Available

Vet Services Wairarapa are able to provide all the services expected of a modern and progressive Equine practice:

  • Full dental facilities. Including a full range of hand floats and a power tool when needed. This is a popular service that can be done as a walk in / walk out at our clinic to save the client mileage costs, or we can come to you.
  • Mobile digital radiography. This means you can either bring your steed to the clinic, or we can visit your property to enable us to perform diagnostic x-rays with instant results.
  • Ultrasound – reproductive and tendon / joints. Once again, this is mobile but the presence of super safe stocks at the clinic means that mare fertility and pregnancy scans can be done easily and with minimal risk to horse and holder.
  • Pre purchase Examinations. We do a large number of examinations to help provide would be purchasers more information on their decision about whether to purchase a horse or pony
  • Lameness investigations. Including nerve blocks and flexion tests. These can be done at our premises in Lincoln Road, Masterton. The great team at Panorama Equestrian ( situated in the Gladstone District just south of Masterton ) also allow us to use their facilities to do these investigations. They have an arena which allows us to see subtle lameness only visible under saddle.
  • Poor performance investigations
  • Endoscopy (scoping) for checking respiratory and wind problems
  • Wellness / health checks including faecal egg counts and advice on worming
  • Stitch ups and colics
  • Castrations (geldings)
  • ECG for investigating cardiac abnormalities
  • Other routine surgery plus some more in depth procedures with the help of our consultant surgeon Sarah Taylor VN BSc (Hons) BVetMed Cert ES(Orth) PhD MRCVS. Some surgeries we have done include corneal (eye) repair, keratoma surgery in the foot and patellar replacement surgery.
  • We provide a full 24 / 7 after hours service to our Equine Clients


Visit Costs & Zone Visits

We have a Zone Visit system in place. This means that we offer discounted mileage charge to different areas on specific days to enable you to plan your elective work in a cost effective manner. We will come any day, it just makes it cheaper! Zone Visits

Find out more - have a look at the Vet Services Wairarapa Equine website for lots more information about our services, or feel free to ring us on 06 378 2662 for a chat.


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